Preventing what is covid 19 article and mitigating COVID
Workplaces outside of healthcare facilities can be also settings for transmission of COVID-19. Outbreaks of COVID-19 has been reported in various types of workplaces and job categories. Arabic I Chinese I French I Portuguese I Russian I Spanish
This joint WHO/ILO policy brief provides a summary of the evidence for transmission of COVID-19 in general workplaces and an overview of WHO and ILO recommendations for prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 and for protecting health and safety at work in the context of the pandemic. The document is intended for public health and labour authorities, businesses, employers, what is covid 19 article workers and their representatives at the national, local and workplace levels to facilitate the implementation of public health and social measures for COVID-19 while maintaining full and productive employment and decent work during the pandemic. Preventing what is covid 19 article and mitigating COVIDPreventing what is covid 19 article and mitigating COVID Protecting health and safety of health workers All workers should be protected from acquiring COVID-19 because of their work. The prevention of COVID-19 in work settings should be combined with measures for protecting physical and mental health, safety and wellbeing of workers from other occupational hazards in the operation, closures and reopening of workplaces. what is opinion marking signals