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What have you learned about that day and its aftermath? How do you think it has shaped your generation? Student opinion articles for students OpinionStudent opinion articles for students Opinion Search Search Clear this text input If You Could Have Any Animal Feature, What Would It Be? A trunk, a tail, wings or stripes? How about the acute vision of an owl? Or the speed of a cheetah? What characteristics or traits of an animal would you choose — at least for a day? Skip to content Skip to site index Student Opinion Today’s Paper Advertisement Are you interested in teaching with our daily writing prompts? In this guide, you’ll learn practical strategies from a dozen teachers, and we’ll walk you through the steps on how you can get started. George Floyd was killed by a police officer one year ago. His death galvanized a nation. How much do you think has changed since? Here are all of our Student Opinion questions from the 2020-21 school year. Each question is based on a different New York Times article, opinion articles for students interactive feature or video. Want to learn more about this feature? Watch this short introduction video and start sharing your ideas and opinions today. If you’ve started, tell us about your experience. If you haven’t, tell us what you’re looking forward to, and what you’re not. Have you seen the teenagers you know reshaping political activism? Have you ever gotten involved? As part of a Fresh Start Challenge, The Times invites people to “take a gratitude photo.” Who and what are the people, places or things you would snap a picture of to express your thanks? Check out this illustrated article in which 11 teenagers talk about the role of money in their lives, then tell us about your experiences.
Many students and parents at a Florida high school say administrators are using outdated dress codes to police the way girls dress. opinion articles about social media 2021